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OPENTHENEXT live [at] Nuba Fest , Alcazaba de Almeria .. . . . .13/10/19

OPENTHENEXT [Vibration & Movement & Ligth] live show [at] Nuba Fest

Vibration Master : Umo
Ligth Masters : 0b_server & Av-k
Movement Master : Vortex11.08

Vibration (music) and movement (dancing) are two of the most powerful tools we have to heal, rise and enlighten ourselves . Together with the ligth they can lead you to reach new elevated states of consciousness .
Support and believe in social & spiritual art to inspire change .
Act againts consumer society, its superficial norms and codes .
Wake Up . And if you are already awake, fight . You are the resistance now .

II Aniversari OTN

This weekend we are celebrating our second anniversary in Barcelona. There will be two events :-

At 20h Umo live at Discos Paradiso, home of Arnau and Gerard, to whom we will be eternally grateful for the way they are supporting us since the beginning. Almost 100 copies of our 2 first references combined were sold in their store! Lots of Respect & Love to Discos Paradiso

After the live show, we will go 100 meters down street to the coolest corner of Ravalistan, at the bar 33 I 45 headquarters of our partners in crime M.U.S.A. There, 3 of the great city diggers (Cat Gabal, Gonzo & Manuve) will be playing some records from 21h to 1h.

Nothing crazy, chill and free. Come & say hola!

Chris Blakey

Piano Player . Guitar Player . Synth/Drum Machine Operator . Music Maker . Mastering Engineer .

Formentera based .


Carles Benedet All Night Long at MOOG [BCN]

Carles Benedet (OPENTHENEXT) All Night Long

Gratis hasta 02:00 apuntando tu nombre en lista
5€ entradas / 5€ tickets
Comprar entradas / Get tickets

Procedente del asfalto urbano, Carles Benedet es un músico completo que domina varios instrumentos. Su primer amor fue el rock, con el grupo 33cl, pero el descubrimiento de la electrónica le llevó a los platos, a los que dominó como domina la guitarra y la batería. DJ visceral, sus sesiones son paisajes mutantes entre el techno, acid, electro e italo, con toques cósmicos e industriales y una capa dark que lo recubre todo.Su último movimiento ha sido entrar a formar parte de OPENTHENEXT, comunidad artística de Barcelona sólo apta para mentes inconformistas como la suya.

Umo x Observer AV live Installation.


Umo x Observer AV live Installation.

audio gear: Monomachine & Octatrack

video gear: 2 x 5.000 lumens video projectors, 2 exclusive OTN screens. Barcelona. 01.01.19 .


Timeliner painter . Timeworker . Certified Timelines Rottoring.

XXI century based.





Music Selector . Sound Enginner . Technical Producer . Event Curator.

Barcelona based.




Umo – Bloodline Remixes [OTN 02]


Multiple Reinterpretations of the Downbeat electronica EP ‘Bloodline’ produced by UMO earlier this year (OTN01)

Like the original record, ‘Bloodline Remixed’ takes us to unexpected paths to recreate a timeless electronic journey; it evolves in multiple traits and shape oscillating between electro, bass, acid, breaks, techno and cosmic to deliver some well-crafted tracks for advanced dance floor.

Great artists & friends from the Barcelona underground scene have collaborated to this release.

Disboot record label boss UXUKA, Hardfango electro master PABLO LEON, RNXRX from M.U.S.A. records, OCHO (Overdub) one of the key player of the Dnb scene in the city (Overdub), Dub master VOLATIL (Dubkraft), and one of the best kept secrets of the Barcelona scene MANINTHEATTIC. It also includes Debut tracks from CAT GABAL and FIBAN, the head of Plural records who presents here is project downtempo.

Finally the release expands the boundaries of the Barcelona scene, reaching out to the Andalucian techno legend ANIMATEK (Miga) and CHRIS BLAKEY of DEATH IN VEGAS as special guest.

Iustration by : M111


Bogota, Colombia

Sound engineer, Technical Producer and DJ resident in Barcelona since 2003.

Ocho has been involved in music since a young age, 1998 he starts working as a sound engineer in concerts and live events.

Sonar, Primavera sound, Creamfield, Mira Fest , Bruch in the park, Off week, are a few of the long list where he was growing like a sound engineer.

Like a artist his sets and productions include sounds of jungle, drum and bass, techno and Dub.

In 2017, he founded OVERDUB, a Barcelona events project where dynamic breaks and heavy bass hit the dance floor, DLR, ANT TC1, GRIDLOK, DUB PHIZIX, DUB ELEMENTS or 7th SENSE and many other local DNB artist has been in Overdub events.

UMO + [AV-K & 0BS3RV3R] video/led live Installation.

Audio by UMO <> Gear: Monomachine, SH-32, Octatrack, KaosPad3, UltraLite MK3, 802-VLZ3. Video/Led

Installation by AV-K & 0BS3RV3R  <> Gear: 8.000 lumens video projector, 32 leds stripes structure , BoxLC1.

Recording at B2 Estudio L´Hospitalet d Llobregat, Barcelona. 16.04.2018

. . . . Bloodline Remixed [OTN 02] . . . . . . . . . 12′ Vinyl . . .[SOLD OUT]

. . .[SOLD OUT] . . .[SOLD OUT] . . .[SOLD OUT] . . .[SOLD OUT]

Buy 12′ Vinyl at Bandcamp

OPENTHENEXT presenta su segunda referencia: Bloodline Remixed
[OTN02], múltiples interpretaciones del EP de electrónica ‘Bloodline’,
primera entrega del sello, que salió en Abril 2018 firmada por UMO.
Como en el disco original, ‘Bloodline Remixed’ nos lleva por caminos
inesperados para recrear un viaje electrónico atemporal. Así, el EP va
avanzando entre diferentes estilos como electro, bass, acid, breakbeat,
electrónica, techno.
Proponiéndonos una compilación de temas a bajas revoluciones ideales
para oídos y pistas de baile avanzadas.

El vinilo 12’ incluye remezclas de CHRIS BLAKEY de DEATH IN VEGAS
como invitado especial. UXUKA jefe de Disboot Records. MANINTHEATTIC
uno de los secretos mejor guardados de Barcelona. ANIMATEK leyenda
techno y fundador del sello Miga en Granada. Y dos remixes a cuenta de
los fundadores del sello, uno a manos de UMO, y otro de CAT GABAL que
además es su debut como productora.
La versión digital incluye temas de PABLO LEON (Hardfango), RNXRX
(M.U.S.A), OCHO (Overdub), VOLATIL (Dubkraft) y FIBAN (Plural) que
presenta aquí su proyecto downtempo.
El 12’ viene con un código para descarga digital gratuita.
Para la portada una nueva ilustración de la serie ‘Sacred Technology’ hecha
con tinta, regla y compas a manos de M111.