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Psicobioma Delights – [OTN 08]

We´ve named this series in reference to the Psychobiome which is a complex ecosystem composed of billions of microorganisms connected to the brain and that directly influence emotional well-being.

Layer Uno is not just a collection of songs, it is a product designed to give you a comprehensive musical and wellness experience. A compilations of music that has been carefully curated to take into account its potential positive impact on your health: physical, emotional and spiritual.

releases March 3, 2023
all rights reserved

UMO – #slowravers remixed [OTN 07]

Openthenext friends & family come together on Umo’s new remix album, bringing a new take on the Spanish artist’s iconic sound.

A collection of remixes that perfectly captures the sound of the label: electronic music that pushes the boundaries and encourages mindful movement and a deeper connection to the world around us.

This new EP is a slow motion tribute to the 90s rave culture, reimagined in a modern context. Altogether the #slowravers reworked tracks span a diverse range of electronic genres. acid, electro, trance, bass, slow techno and beyond.

Written and produced by UMO
Artwork : M111 – CertifiedTimelines-
Barcelona 2023

released January 8, 2023
all rights reserved

NEUMOND – Inlakesh Records X OPENTHENEXT 1st Gathering, Tunisia

Date de début: 2022-12-24 14:00

Date de fin: 2022-12-25 14:00

Localisation: Tunisia . Secret Location

★ NEUMOND ★ | Inlakesh Records X OPENTHENEXT

Inlakesh Records the new Tunisia based music label invites OPENTHENEXT (Spain) to celebrate the new moon. After five months of existence and three major releases we thought it’s time to share a magic moment with you guys. It’s a small private event with a lot of music. Dj members representing both music labels and other friends will light up the dance floor.

★ Aff Andy – Inlakesh Records ★ Cat Gabal – Openthenext ★ Cupid – PhonicHouse1 Records ★ Feki Station – YHV ★ Henibal – Inlakesh Records ★ SAM ★ Solis ★ Zeda – Openthenext

White Solar Dog

God Dog . Space Traveller . Inmersive AV live

Sirious based

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Umo – #slowravers [OTN 05]

Two years after his Debut EP Bloodline [OTN 01], Umo returns to OpenTheNext with another 7 #neodancefloor killer tracks.

The sound of Umo is the result of almost two decades of studying frequencies, vibrations, sequences of movements, plants and ascetic substances, seeking to recover the Music & Dance´s sacred and transcendental vision to ascend and sustain higher states of consciousness.

His new EP is a slow motion rework of the Raves in the 90s´ original sounds & vibrations. Traveling to a time when the dancefloors were true places of healing , authentic liturgies where people danced in community for days with eyes closed – before the internet, smartphones and globalization would corrupt everything.

#slowravers is a sonic journey that encourages conscious breathing and movement, and allows you to empty, dilute and connect in perfect resonance with the void that binds everything together.

released July 15, 2022

Mr. Muddy Banks – Ditta [OTN 06]

Ditta is a 6-tracks EP with an harmonious flow and low bpm, stepping into techno, electro, acid, bass and idm. It takes you to a timeless journey of easy listening analog electronica, hypnotic sounds for a a floating trip. Perfect for radio, podcast or as a warm up for advanced dance floors.

Ditta is the debut album of Mr Muddy Banks, a member of the OTN community. Made 100% with analog / modular and added to our catalog as part of the global project of filling the world with healing vibrations, to raise consciousness and continue with the legacy of the U. R. manifest.

Love for everyone.

Mr. Muddy Banks

Sound Maker . Hardware lives .

Barcelona based



Spain| 2020 | Documentary Film | 17 min. | French, Spanish | English subtitles



#boza, a film about people on the move from the African continent to Europe. In first person narrative and using videos and Selfies, Alhassane, Aminata, Mamadou, Mariam and Yahya tell their journeys and their goal of making “boza”. A word of disputed origin and exact meaning, “boza” is used by those trying to cross this particular border to describe the goal, and the act of successful crossing. The film #boza removes all filters, becoming a collective Selfie on migration.


With the images of
Aminata Camara
Mamadou Bamba
Yahya Makhtar
Mariam Sarr
Alhassane Traore
Mohammed Bangura
Fatou Meite
Massadje Diomande
Aissatou Barry
Honoré Mbogos
Samuel Nacar

Concept by, Director, Producer: Séverine Sajous, Anna Surinyach
Editor / postproduction: Jose M. Val
Script: Séverine Sajous, Anna Surinyach
Script coordinator: Pepe Combalía
Sound: Chris Blakey
Color Grading: Alex Iniesta
Distribution: Yaq
Production Company: 5W
Graphic: Coreographix
Collaboration with: Open Cultural Center, Strawberry Films, Btihal Remli


2021. #boza, Award of merit at The Impact DOCS Awards, USA

Selections 2021

Official selection at the Demetera international film festival, France
Official selection at the Cecehachero International Film Festival, Spain
Official selection at the Beirut International Film Festival, Lebanon
Official selection at the Festival de Málaga, Spain
Official selection at the San Giò Verona Video Festival, Italia
Official selection at the El Festival Internacional Cine en la Isla FECISLA, Colombia
Official selection at the certamen Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt, Germany
Official selection at the Festival Internacional de Cinema de Cerdanya, Spain
Official selection at the The 21st Seoul International Alt Cinema & Media Festival, South Korea
Official selection at the Social and Economic Justice Film Festival, USA
Official selection at the International Festival of Red Cross and Health Films, Bulgaria
Official selection at the Festival Internacional de Cine de Puerto Madryn- MAFICI, Argentina
Official selection at the Festival Internacional de Cine Invisible Film Sozialak, Spain
Official selection at the El Ojo Cojo International Film Festival, Spain
Official selection at the Primed, International Festival of Mediterranean Documentary film and reportage, France


Spain, France | 2017 | Documentary Film | 17 min. | Arabic, English, French | English subtitles | World Premiere DOK Leipzig 2017



Abstract phantoms of trucks cross the screen. Infrared images. This is where refugees are waiting in the hope of reaching UK through the Eurotunnel. “Fajara” is the Arab word for explosion. But in the Jungle it was a word for: getting through, making it to the other side, arriving. The images become abstract, semantics dissolve. A haunting film about the phantoms of meaning (of words).


Director: Séverine Sajous, Patricia Sánchez Mora

Concept by: Séverine Sajous
Producer: Patricia Sánchez Mora, Séverine Sajous
Cinematographer: Séverine Sajous
Editor: Patricia Sánchez Mora
Animation: Óscar Santamaria
Sound: Chris Blakey
Music: Chris Blakey
Script: Séverine Sajous, Patricia Sánchez

Film Premieres

International Premiere
2017. Dok Leipzig. International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film, International Competition Short Film, Germany
National Premiere
2017. Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Aguilar de Campoo, Women Documentary Section, Spain
Local Premiere
2018. Mostra Internacional de Films de Dones de Barcelona, Official Section, Spain


2019. Awarded at the category Audience Prize at the Festival International de Cinema Etnográfico do Museo do Pobo Galego, Spain
2019. Awarded First Prize at the category multimedia at the POY LATAM, Columbia
2018. Awarded at the category Best National Documentary Short Movie in “Piélagos en corto” International Short Movie Festival, Spain


2018. l’Alternativa, Festival Internacional de Cinema Independent de Barcelona, Hall Selecciona I, Spain
2018. Festival Internacional de Cine Invisible “Film Sozialak” I Hall Selecciona, Spain
2018. Astra Film Festival I International Competition Short Film, Romania
2018. Vancouver International Film Festival  International Competition Short Film, Canada
2018. Alcances Cádiz. Festival de Cine Documental, International Competition Short Film, Spain
2018. Mostra Internacional Films de Dones, Official Section, Spain
2018. Busan International Short Film Festival, International Competition, Korea
2018. Cairo International Women’s Film Festival, International Competition Short Film, Egypt

Mosaico 8 w/ WLDV

Mosaico show ´s guest this month is WLDV @welovedolcevita , from Bilbao.
WLDV music is mostly analog syntetiser based and is inspired by the electronic music of the 70s, 80s and early 90s with clear influences of the B movies, sci-fi and horror movies.
Giallo records, Bordello a Parigi @bordelloaparigi edited his first EPs, and later his work got published on new emerging spanish record labels like @wasteeditions , Fill-Lex Records or more recently itali moderni – and his own record label @eclecticreactions
The podcast he recorded for us is a bit more downtempo than what we are used to hear for him, Very cinematografic & beautiful. Don´t miss it.
Tune in today Monday 4th of October : 15-16h BST / 16-17h CET on @noodsradio


Mosaico 7 w/ Ombra Festival

Next episode of our Mosaico show on Noods radio which celebrates the thriving Spanish alternative electronic music scene will be broadcasted from Bristol next Monday 6th of September.
The show is dedicated to the @ombrafestival – a project born from the hand of @ombragency and the record label @oraculo_records – that will take place in Barcelona, at the end of November.
Together with our guests Raul Gayo (festival´s director) and Nacho Romero (responsible for the festival booking), we´ll be discovering this year’s line up while discussing news & changes that this third edition will bring along.
Tune in on Monday 6/9 : 16 – 17h CET (15h – 16h UK time)