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II Aniversari OTN

II Aniversari OTN

This weekend we are celebrating our second anniversary in Barcelona. There will be two events :-

At 20h Umo live at Discos Paradiso, home of Arnau and Gerard, to whom we will be eternally grateful for the way they are supporting us since the beginning. Almost 100 copies of our 2 first references combined were sold in their store! Lots of Respect & Love to Discos Paradiso

After the live show, we will go 100 meters down street to the coolest corner of Ravalistan, at the bar 33 I 45 headquarters of our partners in crime M.U.S.A. There, 3 of the great city diggers (Cat Gabal, Gonzo & Manuve) will be playing some records from 21h to 1h.

Nothing crazy, chill and free. Come & say hola!