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Openthenext Live


A revolution is inevitable. Sooner or later, it will take place, and «those in power» won’t be able to do
anything about it.

Openthenext Live is a groundbreaking audiovisual immersive experience, a Ritual that harnesses the
profound potential of sound frequencies. An multi-disciplinary AV live show performed by several
members of the community. A mutant live, which varies in format depending on who
from the OTN members execute it.

Music transcends space and time and have a significant impact on a person’s state of consciousness,
altering brain activity and facilitating subjective experiences of spiritual connection.
Rituals and spiritual practices with music and dance have been used throughout history by all cultures in all ages to induce and create synchronization and unity.

Openthenext Live embraces this knowledge, exploring old codes and rituals from ancient cultures,
reviving that alchemy and bringing it back to the present with the help of shamanic synthesizers.
Faraway slow beats from the planet fused with moderns electronics that penetrate the depths of your