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[Light & Movement & Vibration] Openthenext AV live show

Vibration (music) and movement (dancing) are two of the most powerful tools we have to heal, rise and enlighten ourselves . Together with the ligth they can lead you to reach new elevated states of consciousness . Music open the door , but you must enter by yourself .

Support and believe in social & spiritual art to inspire change .

Act againts consumer society, its superficial norms and codes .

Or we kill capitalism or capitalism kills our planet .

Wake Up . And if you are already awake, fight . You are in The Resistance now .

[Light & Movement & Vibration] live show [at] Muro de la Vela , @alcazabaalmeria @nubafestival

Ligth Masters @0b_server & @felipeavk
Movement Master @vortex11.08
Vibration Master @umo_otn  [Gear : Octatrack, Monomachine, Tb 303]