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Umo – Bloodline Remixes [OTN 02]

Bloodline Remixed [OTN 02]

Multiple Reinterpretations of the Downbeat electronica EP ‘Bloodline’ produced by UMO earlier this year (OTN01)

Like the original record, ‘Bloodline Remixed’ takes us to unexpected paths to recreate a timeless electronic journey; it evolves in multiple traits and shape oscillating between electro, bass, acid, breaks, techno and cosmic to deliver some well-crafted tracks for advanced dance floor.

Great artists & friends from the Barcelona underground scene have collaborated to this release.

Disboot record label boss UXUKA, Hardfango electro master PABLO LEON, RNXRX from M.U.S.A. records, OCHO (Overdub) one of the key player of the Dnb scene in the city (Overdub), Dub master VOLATIL (Dubkraft), and one of the best kept secrets of the Barcelona scene MANINTHEATTIC. It also includes Debut tracks from CAT GABAL and FIBAN, the head of Plural records who presents here is project downtempo.

Finally the release expands the boundaries of the Barcelona scene, reaching out to the Andalucian techno legend ANIMATEK (Miga) and CHRIS BLAKEY of DEATH IN VEGAS as special guest.

Iustration by : M111